Visiting Kampala

After the excitement (and frankly, exhaustion) of the Jubilee weekend, we’ve decamped to Kampala for the week.

The visit has a dual purpose: we’re here to organise our work permits, a process which can’t easily be done by someone on our behalf (and I suspect will warrant an article of its own); but also we’re taking the opportunity to chill out a bit, eat nice food and stock up on non-essentials: Kate’s after some material for a dress, I’m after some RJ45 connector boxes for the wireless network at Kisiizi. We’re both after cheese, a good curry and maybe a pizza.

We’ll probably be offline for most of the week, but send us emails and we’ll read them when we can! Hopefully the 9-hour bus journey home can be mitigated by a 7-hour 4×4 journey if one of the hospital drivers is returning to Kisiizi from the airport on Saturday. We’ll see.

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