Videographic decisions

When we’re in Kisiizi, I’m planning to create some short videos which I’ll publish here, and—if they’re any good—I might make into a DVD. For a long while I’ve been meaning to get into producing videos, and this seems like a great opportunity.

Whenever we’re contemplating buying something new, I love to research the options: reading blog articles, forum posts and reviews. That’s what I’m doing at the moment. The Canon HV20 is our hot favourite, pending the results of my great friend Joel’s opinion: he’s a motion graphic designer and filmmaker by profession and will definitely know whether it’s the right thing to go for. The Sony equivalent has good reviews too, but is limited in the number of things you can attach to the hotshoe.

Here’s a complete list of things I think would be useful for us:

  • A video camera (the HV20 being the hot favourite)
  • A decent mic. For the price and features, the Rode Videomic looks great.
  • A monopod. These sound like a really useful bit of kit for supporting the camera in situations where you don’t want / need a tripod. Because it’s got a standard 3/8" screwthread on the top, you can use it as an impromptu mic boom pole too.
  • Maybe Final Cut Express. iMovie comes with our macs, and it’s supposed to be pretty decent. But I think it equates to Final Cut Express in much the same way as iPhoto equates to Adobe Lightroom. And Lighroom’s great.

Coupled with articles and photos, I’m hoping short videos will give you a real sense of being in Uganda with us, and raise the profile of the work of Kisiizi Hospital.

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