Things you see on a walk in Kisiizi

Kate writes:

Ed and Kate at Kambuga waterfallWeekends are often non-events at Kisiizi, especially if I am working. But last weekend, we went for a lovely walk from Kisiizi to a waterfall about 1½ hours away. It was unusual because we didn’t feel like the ‘Pied Piper of Hamlin’ with a dozen or so children in tow, practicing their “How are you! How are you! I am fine!” – which is quite indearing for the first few times, but a bit wearing after a while.

Seen on a walk - sleepy pigletWe walked along the main road out of the hospital, passing the usual ‘boda bodas’ (motorbike taxis) carrying 2 or 3 people along with various possessions, children playing, and people just sitting.Children we met on a walk Then, we turned off, up the hill, walking through eucalyptus plantations, passing women digging in the fields and various livestock along the way.

Seen on a walk - ladies diggingThe last part of the walk was a real scramble through the undergrowth, but, intrepid explorers that we are, we weren’t to be defeated. And, not another person in sight, the waterfall was a beautiful, cool place to sit and a real reward for our efforts. It isn’t always a trial living in Uganda…

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