Phone system complete!

Installing the Kisiizi phone systemI’m pleased to say that we managed to finish the installation of the phone system before leaving for a (really wonderful) holiday in western Uganda with Kate’s parents.

There are now 49 extensions installed, and the logs show that lots of people are using the system which is great! The graph below shows the call volume over the last 4 days – 30 or so calls during peak hours is a fairly high volume really.

We’ve designed the system to be extensible, so if the hospital needs more phones in the future it’s a fairly small incremental cost for more Analogue Telephone Adaptors (or IP phones).

Usage of the new Kisiizi phone system

The only functionality we haven’t had time to get going before I leave is the connection to the MTN line. It’s not a big priority (people are perfectly OK with wandering to the admin block to make outgoing calls), and needs to be thought through properly before we install it. Still, all the equipment is here and installed to it’s a simple matter of configuration to get it working.

Props to Eddie, the IT guy here; and Kenneth (pictured above), a guy who’s here on an industrial placement – they’ve been working with me to make this happen before I leave. It’s been a busy few weeks but it’s nice to have completed it…

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