Office, Hotel, Office, Hotel (Repeat to fade)

A maltese busI’m in Malta for work this week. I’ve always liked the idea of travelling for work – I see ‘businesspeople’ wandering onto an aeroplane or into an hotel with aplomb, and think “I’d like to be able to do that”. I realise now that I’ve mistaken their apparent self-satisfaction: it’s probably weary resignation.

It’s been an undoubtedly useful week as far as my work is concerned. And I’ve enjoyed interesting conversation (and very good food) with the people I’m working with. But there’s something pretty demoralising about leaving a faceless hotel room in the morning and returning to the same place in the evening, having only seen a boardroom and a restaurant menu in Italian in the intervening period.

Maybe I’m not cut out for being a ‘businessperson’ after all. I did manage to take this photo of a Maltese bus on a short walk through Valetta yesterday evening though. It would be more of a consolation if I were a bus geek.

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