New House!

View from our house in West DevonAfter what feels like an implausibly long wait (since we made our offer in October), we’ve moved into a cottage in West Devon: the first house we’ve ever bought. We’re delighting in its rural location, wood-burner in the sitting room, lovely neighbours and (thankfully) decent broadband (the last of these possibly more important to me than Kate…).

It’s been 2 weeks since we got the keys, and we’re beginning to feel a little less surrounded by a sea of cardboard, having confined most of the remaining boxes to the spare room. We spent the first few days painting the sitting room and bedroom before collecting our stuff from storage; since then I’ve been occupied with constructing a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom and unpacking boxes.

Ed and Kate PaintIt’s great to be back with our friends and church in Tavistock, and I’m able to commute to work at Riverford more easily now. Kate is starting work at Derriford in a few weeks – although not yet full time, as she’s still slowly recovering from post-viral fatigue. It’s hard to imagine a nicer setting for her recovery than this, though…

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