Meeting the Bishop

Last week Eleanor, Kate and I went to meet the Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese in Rukungiri. We spent about two hours chatting (and drinking copious quantities of tea) with Rt. Revd. Dr Edward Muhima, who is a great bloke. I found an occasion to wear my suit, too – I thought it might come in useful!Meting Rt. Revd. Dr. Edward Muhima, Bishop of North Kigezi

The bishop is a well-traveled man. During the violent years of Idi Amin in Uganda (after being threatened with execution for speaking up about the regime’s atrocities), he taught theology in Chicago; he’s also travelled widely preaching and teaching. It was really nice to have time to get to know him a bit, and we had some really interesting conversations.

The precipitating factor for our visit was the need for a ‘letter of introduction’ for the immigration authorities: our visas expire soon and we’ll need to apply for work permits. From the experience of others this is going to be a week-long affair – Kate and I are planning to go to Kampala next week to get this done.

But what was so nice was that Bishop Edward found time to sit and chat with us. We’re learning so much about that aspect of the culture in Uganda: if you make time for people, you’re showing them love and respect. I think we could learn a bit about that in the UK…

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