Ljubljana: food and ‘art’

Lots of the fun we had in Ljubljana revolved around eating (I’m still on the plane writing this: Kate smiled when she read that :). In fact, we ate our way around the city.
A view of ljubljana

Ljubljana is a lovely city. The centre of town is an easily walkable size and has sufficient coffee shops to keep us procrastinating for hours over latte and (inevitably) cake.
A square dog in Ljubljana

During our perambulations around the cobbled streets of the old town we noticed that the graffiti artists of Ljublana have a penchant for the canine and ovine as their muses. These characters appeared more than once on the walls of shops and restaurants. I wonder why? I think they’re quite fun.
Graffiti sheep in Ljubljana

As well as exploring Ljubljana, we went on a day-long exploratory jaunt to the village (small town?) of Bled, which is accompanied by a lake with an island: a ‘must see’ in the guidebooks. It was nice, but it was the church we wandered into which I preferred, in actual fact. It was replete with wall paintings which exhibited the Lords Prayer while celebrating the Slovene people in a very soviet way: pictures of men and women working in the fields preparing food, in the case of “Give us this day our daily bread”. Fascinating.

On the way back, our bags got lost as we made a transfer through Brussels airport which is a bit annoying. I think they’ll turn up here tomorrow.

Update: The bags did turn up, intact, on Sunday.

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