Kisiizi Hospital Golden Jubilee

It’s the golden jubilee weekend at Kisiizi, celebrating 50 years of the hospital. I’ll be photographing and videoing various parts of the proceedings, and I’ll update this article as I go. So refresh this page for more photos and news as the weekend unfolds…

Day One – Nursing School graduation ceremony

It’s about 1.15. On the programme it said ‘guest of honour [a government minister] arrives: 10am’. Kisiizi Jubilee: Nursing graduands processing inIt was actually about midday when she and the management team actually processed in to take their places in the ‘top tent’. I’m sitting at home typing this, and I can hear wild ululating and applause so the ceremony must be under way…

A medical diversion…

We only popped into the special care baby unit on our way home so Kate could check the progress of one of her patients. Dr Helen Smith (here for the jubilee) was just finishing a ward round on the adjacent maternity ward and asked Kate for help with a very unwell lady. And so started our evening, it transpired.

I’m not normally around for the medicine, but I think it was useful that I was there to get things (no spare oxygen concentrator on the ward, no extension lead, etc. etc. – the sort of things I can help with…)

In the end, Drs Lionel Mills and Philip Haynes also came to help resuscitate the clearly very unwell lady. Between the four of them (and a couple of nurses), they continued treatment ’til about 10pm last night. I was interesting watching Helen, Kate, Phil and Lionel working as a team, and they were gracious enough to answer my barrage of questions.

This is by way of saying: sorry, we missed the opening meeting of the jubilee. I’ll add other peoples’ pictures if I can…

Day Two

Helen tells me the lady died last night. Please pray for her husband.

This morning we had some entertainment from the Kigezi Veterans (a dancing / singing troupe), the Mothers’ Group and the Kisiizi Post-HIV Test group.Kisiizi Golden Jubilee: Kigezi veterans dance troupe

Then we had a (very long) morning service, followed by lunch of matoke, rice, beans, millet bread (not really bread), pork, goat, chicken, chapatis, coleslaw, pumpkin, and probably some other things I’ve forgotten. We’re only 3 hours behind schedule at the moment…

Day two, continued: sermons galore

Phew! It’s been quite a day – we’ve had sermons from two bishops and the Archbishop, and speeches from Doreen Sharp (who, with her husband, set up the hospital 50 years ago), Dr Lionel (former Medical Superintendent), Rev David Williams (who grew up around here, and is a minister of a church in Winchester), Dr Ian Spillman (another former med sup). We’re 5 hours behind schedule, but this evening among other things we had pineapple crumble. Yum.

Day Three

This is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and write something about today. We were supposed to be finished at 2.30pm, in time for a late celebratory lunch. In fact, ‘lunch’ happened at about 6pm!

The highlight of the day was, predictably, the visit of the president. There were lots of other speeches, too, though. Doreen Sharp, wife of the first ever Medical Superintendent and initiator of Kisiizi 50 years ago was here, with her son Andrew and his family. The president made a special point of greeting them.

Dr Helen Smith (Sponsor a Nurse trustee) presenting a cheque for £50,000 to President MuseveniHelen Smith from Sponsor a Nurse presented the president with a cheque for £50,000 for the hospital’s Jubilee Accomodation Building appeal.

It’s been a great (although tiring) couple of days – I’ve been in attendance the whole time because I’ve been videoing (especially today, where I was the only ‘authorised’ videographer for Kisiizi when the president was here).Rainbow over Kisiizi Valley Miraculously the weather was dry for all three days! The weekend was sealed with a huge rainbow over the valley. A fitting end to a weekend of celebrating God’s goodness.


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