Kate: the ultimate bag-packer

To avoid accidentally packing things we need in Uganda into storage, Kate and I are packing our Uganda bags first. We’ve got a hold baggage allowance of four bags, and we’ll need it all!
Almost-full stack of DVDRs

Kate’s a significantly better bag packer than me. She has an innate ability to squirrel into a seemingly already overfull bag and find enough space for an extra shirt or skirt or wireless router. I think it’s because she makes use of every available space.
Kate intent on making use of every space in our bags

A case in point: this stack of DVDRs / CDRs which I’m taking: it has some space at the top of the stack. Kate, intent on making the most of the available space, was not satisfied with my near-profligate waste of good space, saw a solution. The end result? DVDRs with socks! Genius.
DVDRs with extra socks

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