In search of F-connectors in southwest Uganda

The internet mysteriously stopped working the evening before last. It was late, and the rain was lashing down, so I thought I’d wait until morning to investigate.
Our internet access

Yesterday morning I discovered that the two cables which feed the satellite dish (our internet comes via satellite here) had been ripped from their connections and were lying on the ground. You need quite a lot of force to do that: we think maybe a truck backed into it and carried on going, or something. Anyway, we were without internet, without the connectors to fix the problem, on the weekend before the Golden Jubilee (of which more at another juncture). Not ideal.

Perhaps inevitably, I decided not to bring the required connectors with me from the UK: “I won’t be working on satellite installations”, I remember thinking.

And so yesterday I had my first experience driving in Uganda, as Edson (the IT guy here) and I went in search of ‘F-connectors’ (they’re the ones you get on the back of a satellite TV box, too) in Kabale, our ‘local’ town one-and-a-half hours away.

It’s actually not too stressful driving here, although I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re uncomfortable with driving on whichever side of the road has the fewest potholes, or unhappy with the bone-jarring effects of the dirt roads. We were blessed by a dry journey: the roads do get very muddy in the wet. Also, my window became detached from its winder mechanism on the way back, so the lack of rain was doubly welcome.

We found our F-connectors, and used the opportunity to pick up the hospital’s post, buy some curtain poles for a new house here, and some other non-essentials (the golden syrup is welcome). Last night, Edson and I managed to get the internet working again, which is how I can write this…

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