High Water and Zipwires

I’ve been involved in a quite a few things in the last week – the new hydro project and a zipwire (to ride on!) running across the 50-metre-high waterfall are two of them. We’re working to get the wire finished so people can ride it next weekend at the hospital’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.

This week has seen a lot of rain, so there’s more water running over the falls than normal, even for the rainy season. In fact, it caused a small flood in the turbine house, because the overflow was so full it – er – overflowed.

Here’s a quick video of the (excess) water, and some of our zipwire preparations. When it’s complete, I’ll probably be persuaded to ride the wire with video camera in hand, trying not to shriek like a child. It’s a long way down. (Oh, and apologies for the curious mix of imperial and metric units in my descriptions – no excuse really…)

(Download the video with a free vimeo account, or watch on the Vimeo website)

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