Hiatus-busting Uganda update

I’m aware I haven’t written anything substantive for a while, mostly due to our being really busy, and partly due to my not having overcome inertia.

Our Uganda plans are progressing – Kate and I have put together a huge to-do list in spreadsheet form, and we’re slowly ticking off items as we achieve them. One item near the top of the list until recently was ‘buy flights’ – we’ve done that, and leaving on 2nd October.

A recent piece of very pleasing news is that Kate has passed the final part of her exams for membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. This is a big deal: the exams are hard (you need 86% just to pass – suffice to say she did better than that…), and passing them is a prerequisite to progressing in her career as a paediatrician. It’s really great to have her membership confirmed before we leave for Kisiizi.

As we’ll be working voluntarily, we’re in the process of raising funds to support our work – if you’re supporting us financially, thankyou! We’re amazed and very blessed by the generosity of friends, relatives and work colleagues. Your support of us is an active support of the work of Kisiizi hospital too – you are partners with us in our work.

The amount left to do is quite daunting. The contents of our house still need sorting, packing and re-homing (got any space in your loft?), and there are quite a few things we need to buy before we go.

There’s no way we’re going to be able to see everyone we want to, but over the next few weeks we’ve got plans to visit people or have them to stay. Our great friends Naomi and Joel are coming this weekend, followed by (our equally great friends) Liz and Matt. It’ll be great. I’m planning to eat curry.

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