Hello World (and other clichés)

What does one put in the first post to a blog? I’m assuming other people have had the same problem as me. Consider this my ‘hello world’ post. It’s probably not worth dwelling on for too long.

I’m writing this on an aeroplane from Ljubljana (of which more in a later post) where Kate and I have been on holiday this week. That makes me feel rather self-important. I am experiencing delusions of grandeur.

Why start blogging now? Here’s a list:

  • I’ve found the time to hack together a site with which I’m vaguely happy
  • It’s looking increasingly slack that I don’t have one
  • I’ve actually got stuff to write about

I’m determined to write fairly regularly about our life in Devon and elsewhere. The ‘elsewhere’ bit comes from the fact that Kate and I are planning a year-long move to Uganda in October this year. Expect that to feature fairly heavily in the coming months as we make preparations…

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