Hello, Comfrey

Hazel, the last incumbent of Happy Cottage, had a cat called Comfrey.Comfrey the cat Before we arrived, it was decided that Comfrey should live somewhere other than Happy Cottage, because the next occupants might not want a cat.

For the last two weeks, John (the gardener) has been trying to coax Comfrey to live at his house, some 2 miles away. I say ‘trying’, because the cat has made his presence felt at our house pretty much every day.

Like felines everywhere, Comfrey considers all humans merely serfs in his quest for continual feeding and access to only the most comfortable soft furnishings. Up to this point, we’ve been valiantly resisting his advances; but after 4 return trips from John’s house, we’ve (collectively, and somewhat unwillingly) come to the conclusion that Comfrey is the third inhabitant at Happy Cottage.

He has some bad habits we’re trying to avoid: climbing on the side in the kitchen, eating anything even remotely accessible, miaowing constantly to get in – the usual cat naughtiness. Hopefully we can persuade him such behaviour is not appropriate. He’s also got perpetually muddy paws (more black-and-brown than black-and-white). Maybe this is normal for Ugandan cats?

Luckily, he seems to understand English. And he’s got a pretty good purr.

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