For posterity: how to hard-reset an X-LIN / Hotware ASU24005g wifi access point

Kisiizi has 4 ASU24005g wireless access points, which provide internet connections over a portion of the site (the placement of these access points is not ideal and I’m formulating a properly thought-out, scientifically substantiated plan to move them in due course).

These units are quite nice: built-in flat panel antenna, power-over-ethernet, weatherproof. However: up to now, they’ve needed rebooting almost every day because they crash.

I discovered the firmware they were running was version 0.2.2 – hardly ‘release quality’: the current version is 1.2.10. So I upgraded one – and promptly broke it. No access to the web interface, no wireless network: nothing.

I emailed the manufacturers (after some serious searching to find them – these units are marketed worldwide under a variety of names), to ask for advice. Thankfully I got some, and I want to share it here because there’s no other site I could find with these instructions.

To do a hard reset (which cured the problem by resetting the unit to its factory settings), you need to short a couple of solder pads on one of the PCBs inside (image emailed to me by Hotware, the manufacturers – thanks Tony!):

Just so you know, and I remember for next time. So far, no crashes…

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