Digital bankruptcy: too many feeds

Too many feedsI read an article on Techcrunch (the forever upbeat blog about whatever Web 2.0 startup has launched this hour) bemoaning the author’s 2433 unread emails.

One of the first applications I open when I switch on my Mac is Vienna, an open-source OSX feed reader. Feeds (or RSS feeds) are a great way to keep track of a bunch of sites’ content without the sometimes onerous task of actually visiting each in turn. Most (including this one, for the time being at least) allow you to view the whole article in the reader: a few only give you an excerpt and you need to click a link to view the rest of the article on the site.

So a feedreader is supposed to save me time, and distil useful information into a easy-to-digest format. The problem is, I’m feeling the same way as Michael Arrington at Techcrunch: I’ve got 15646 unread articles at the moment.

I’m declaring bankruptcy on my unread feeds, and marking them all ‘read’.

Thankfully, I’m not popular enough to need to do that with emails too.

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