Banda Reconstruction

Newly reconstructed banda on Happy CottageOne of the things which we miss about our place in Devon is the ability to sit outside: especially when the weather in Kisiizi is like perpetual summer.

Some houses here have pretty substantial verandas at the back of their properties, but Happy Cottage doesn’t. It did, however, have a small banda (a wooden lean-to with banana fibre roof), on the side, which was in need of some love.

With the expert help of John the gardener (armed only with a panga, a local machete), we’ve rebuilt the banda, to about twice the size it was before. With a brick floor and plastic under the banana fibres, it’s a pretty sturdy construction under which we’re looking forward to chilling after work and at the weekends. I might work out there sometimes, too. Maybe we need a barbecue now?

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