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Kate writes

I get so excited about food. Ed does too. We just can’t understand people who are not appreciators of food. Just the sight of a big tray of vegetables that Margaret (our housekeeper) found at the market today made me happy!Ugandan vegetables And yesterday evening, a lady called at our house selling shitake mushrooms, which certainly beat the tinned ones that we were otherwise using.

Not being able to get everything that you fancy from the supermarket down the road makes me appreciate the little things all the more. For example, Wanda brought over some fresh salad leaves that she had grown in her garden. It was as if Christmas had come early for me! Ed has arranged for John the gardener to work with him one day a week to clear our vegetable patch so that we can plant some of the seeds that we brought with us – so hopefully soon we will have our own fresh salad leaves to pick and enjoy.

We’ve also found that skimming the milk that we boil (as it is not pasteurised) gives you very yummy cream – a fantastic addition to fresh fruit salad. Ed got excited when a man came round selling honey the other day. We videod the process of cleaning and straining it, so we’ll probably post that on the blog soon. Margaret has learnt to bake bread, which she has done today with the brown flour that we bought in Kampala. I imagine that it will be perfectly complemented by the scrummy honey…

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